Who will be the next mayor of London

IMG_1131Today I participated in panel for PLMR’s latest podcast looking at who will be the next Mayor of London. I was joined by PLMR’s James Ford, a former aide to Boris Johnson.

The discussion considered the Labour contenders: Tessa Jowell, then Sadiq Khan MP, David Lammy MP, Dianne Abbott MP, Gareth Thomas MP and campaigner, Christian Wolmar.

The Tory, all male shortlist, is Zac Goldsmith MP, Steven Greenhalgh (deputy mayor for policing and crime), Syed Kamall MEP and assembly member Andrew Boff.

You can listen here:

Special campaign weekend: #LabourMums

Special campaign weekend: #LabourMums

Labour has selected a number of different candidates for the next election. This includes two excellent people, Lee Sherriff and Amina Lone. They are both single mums and working round the clock to win to win Carlisle (target seat 15) and Morecambe (14) respectively.

Join us over the 26/27 July weekend for an intensive weekend of #Labourdoorstep. All welcome, training and accommodation provided.