Ambitions for Britain’s Future


First published on Young Fabian website 

On Monday 21 November 2011 the Young Fabian flagship pamphlet, “Ambitions for Britain’s Future” was launched by Rt Hon Liam Bryne MP, Brian Duggan, Sara Ibrahim and Mark Protherough (ICAEW) at the Chartered Accountants Hall, London.

This pamphlet is the culmination of a policy process involving hundreds of Young Fabian members and set out new ideas for Labour to champion. These policy initiatives are being offered amidst a difficult fiscal climate and so it is all the more important for politics and for Young Fabians to be ambitious for Britain’s future. (more…)

Cutting waste or wasting potential?

First published on ProgressOnline

It is undeniable that the terrible cuts of the Lib-Con coalition are focused on the young. Our country’s potential lies in the hands of our young people and this government should be offering them helping hand not holding them back.

To date we have seen the Future Jobs Fund axed, the baby bonds abolished, 10,000 student places erased and free swimming for under 16s cut, cut, cut.

None of these are cuts to waste, they all waste the potential of those we should be cherishing most. What is deeply regrettable is that all of these cuts could have been prevented. (more…)

Fighting for our future – Young Labour Day on LabourList

Fist published on LabourList

No one will believe that two weeks ago I agreed to guest edit LabourList – I am sure it would be more popular to declare that I have ousted Derek Draper – but the truth is that in the run up to the Labour party’s Youth Conference this Saturday there is a passion and enthusiasm that should not go unexplored.

This debate comes at a low point for Labour blogging, in a week where we have all seen the worst excesses of politics and politicians on every front page in the country. But our young contributors give hope, a promise of change and a vision for what’s next and how we go forward. (more…)