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Ambitions for Britain’s Future


First published on Young Fabian website 

On Monday 21 November 2011 the Young Fabian flagship pamphlet, “Ambitions for Britain’s Future” was launched by Rt Hon Liam Bryne MP, Brian Duggan, Sara Ibrahim and Mark Protherough (ICAEW) at the Chartered Accountants Hall, London.

This pamphlet is the culmination of a policy process involving hundreds of Young Fabian members and set out new ideas for Labour to champion. These policy initiatives are being offered amidst a difficult fiscal climate and so it is all the more important for politics and for Young Fabians to be ambitious for Britain’s future. (more…)

Sex and relationship education will enable young people to make informed choices

First published on Progressonline in the Young progressives column

The government in its wisdom last week announced that sex and relationship education will be a compulsory part of the school curriculum. This is fantastic news for young people and Britain more widely.

The reviewed guidance and the addition of compulsion are welcome steps in their own right and will do lots to help combat unintended teenage pregnancies, the sexual health epidemic we are facing and the low esteem of particularly young women and gay men that means people feel they cannot say ‘no’. (more…)

Votes at 16 would allow young people to defend their public services at the ballot box

First published on Progressonline in the Young progressives column

The National Policy forum in its wisdom has voted to recommend to Labour party conference that reducing the voting age to 16 be in the next Labour manifesto. This has started a lively debate in the party and the country at large – one that we should all welcome and get on board with.


Zimbabwe: hope lies with the young

First published on Progressonline in the Young progressives column

As the foreign minister of Tanzania says of the situation in Zimbabwe, ‘there is little chance of the elections being free and fair’. The mind of progressives must be focused on the battle for peace, justice and democracy that our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe’s trade unions have to wage.

It is well known that the Zimbabwe Trade Union Congress established the Movement for Democratic Change but the role of its lesser known sister organisation, ZINASU – the Zimbabwean National Students´ Union, is often overlooked. The local and national student leadership have also been on the receiving end of beatings and violence in the struggle for democracy.