The Purple Book

LBC Book Club – Richard Angell, Rowenna Davis & Owen Jones

Iain Dale hosts the LBC Book Club at Labour party conference 2011 with Richard Angell, Rowenna Davis and Owen Jones. The book club explores The Purple Book, Tangled up in Blue and Chavs, that each explore ideas for Labour to regain power.

The Purple Book – new ideas for a new way of governing

First published on Left Foot Forward

Rediscovering Labour’s non-statist tradition has been the principle aim of The Purple Book, which is launched today.

The-Purple-BookWhen Labour wins back the country, and the keys to Number 10, it will do so with less money to spend and having agreed with the British public that this time there will have to be a different way of governing – less spending and fewer central government programmes and initiatives.

Progress – with our friends at Biteback – have attempted with the project to join the debate on Labour’s future policy agenda and place New Labour firmly within the revisionist tradition of Tony Crosland and Hugh Gaitskell.