Tessa Jowell

Who will be the next mayor of London

IMG_1131Today I participated in panel for PLMR’s latest podcast looking at who will be the next Mayor of London. I was joined by PLMR’s James Ford, a former aide to Boris Johnson.

The discussion considered the Labour contenders: Tessa Jowell, then Sadiq Khan MP, David Lammy MP, Dianne Abbott MP, Gareth Thomas MP and campaigner, Christian Wolmar.

The Tory, all male shortlist, is Zac Goldsmith MP, Steven Greenhalgh (deputy mayor for policing and crime), Syed Kamall MEP and assembly member Andrew Boff.

You can listen here:

Why Labour must win over Tory voters

First published on the Times Redbox

On Wednesday this week, the chancellor George Osborne used the first majority Conservative budget to implement much of the Tories’ manifesto for Britain – and no small part of the Labour one. Labour members of parliament were open-mouthed at the spectacle of a Tory chancellor shaking up ‘non dom’ status. They were in outright shock at his creation of a new minimum wage rate for the over-25s and the audacity of calling it a ‘living wage’.

Many were left simply depressed. As Labour looked on and made its protests about the detail, Tory MP after Tory MP took to the airwaves to repeat the same lines over and over. They were so effective that I can already repeat it verbatim: ‘Moving from a low pay, high tax, high welfare society to a high wage, low tax, low welfare one’. As the comment rolled on there was one statement that never got muttered by Tories of any wing, stripe or faction of the party: ‘that Osborne is just Labour-lite’. (more…)