An unrest being fuelled not quelled

First published on ProgressOnline

It all feels very personal. It is not that I cannot believe it or that I hate my fellow country-folk. But I do worry about what our country is becoming. Leaving the European Union is a body blow to Britain, as we are seeing in the markets. I respect the decision but think it was a very wrong one for everyone.

On the tube this morning a group of friends were talking about Brexit, Boris and Trump in the same worrying breath. A mixed race guy told his friend that he ‘felt like an illegal immigrant in his own country’. The first cross word I have ever had with my grandma was over this divisive referendum and Facebook seems full of families arguing about who took what side. There is an unrest in the air that this decision is fuelling not quelling. (more…)

Bouncing straight back

First published by Labor Voice

Labor has suffered a terrible but long-predicted loss. As Tony Abbott hits the ground running Labor must get to work on building a more progressive future and getting the Liberals out of the government – ideally in one term.

The battle is tough but well worth it. John McTernan has set out five ideas for Labor going forward. Here is my advice: (more…)