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What we can learn from Tony Blair’s election victory 20 years on, according to Richard Angell

Labour had answers for all of the big questions from general election voters in 1997, writes Richard Angell, director of Blairite pressure group Progress

First published in the Mirror

As we mark 20 years since that remarkable 1997 landslide, it is worth reflecting on why Tony Blair took the country by storm and won three full terms for Labour. (more…)

Social democracy in an era of no money

Progress deputy director Richard Angell addressed the International Union of Socialist Youth in Austria yesterday on the legacy of New Labour and next steps for social democracy in an era of no money, and Ed Miliband and Liam Byrne’s work on the ‘new centre ground’.

New Labour as a political project was born out of the 1980s and a disastrous period of rejection by the British public. Labour presented the public with manifesto after manifesto packed with policies we liked and stood passionately against a government that looked to act with spite against many of those we sought to represent – trade unionists, the LGBT community, Scotland and the people of Liverpool – and failed on its own terms on a number of occasions – three million unemployed twice is a damning record, but we achieved no cut-through and symbolically missed out in 1992. (more…)