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Missed opportunity

First published on Progressonline

What the National Policy Forum might have been

This month Labour’s National Policy Forum will meet in Milton Keynes to hammer out the final stages of the party’s policy process, and, in theory, decide the policies that will go into the manifesto.
We could not be meeting in a more symbolic location – win here, and Labour will be on course for an overall majority next May. The voters outside the hall, who should be our focus, need more than a pledge card offering simply to reverse, abolish or reform elements of the coalition government’s programme. Equally, the agenda we present must be credible and affordable.

Labour’s policy review coordinator Jon Cruddas has made impressive efforts to align the reform of the economy, civic renewal in our cities and decentralisation of power. This has been underpinned by the Condition of Britain report, the Adonis growth review and the local government innovation taskforce: three substantive contributions to the policy process which add up to more than the sum of their parts. (more…)