Labour party reform

Never forget it’s the public that are in charge

First published on Progressonline

John Woodcock yesterday rightly identified the ‘politburo politics’ that threatens to soon be at the top of the Labour. Jeremy Corbyn, as the chair of Progress highlights, has thrown the gauntlet down to his parliamentary colleagues. In the would-be leader’s comment lies a real insight into what is to come. (more…)

Time for NEC reform to strengthen members’ and councillors’ voices

First published on Progressonline

The events of last weekend were historic and unifying. The changes will be meaningful and, let us hope, lasting. Giving 2.7 million trade unionists the chance to step closer to the party their forebears helped create is no small thing. And asking the nine million people who stayed loyal in 2010 when the party got the second-worst electoral thumping since 1918 should chart a new opportunity for the people’s party. All make it more likely we win the coming general election.

Missing from the reform package, and Refounding Labour before it, is the necessary changes to the committee that is now to implement the Collins proposals, the NEC. (more…)

Neighbourhood watch

First published on Progressonline in the Young progressives column

It is time for the Labour party to appoint a vice-chair to champion community involvement.

A year ago, Gordon Brown had his so-called ‘Clause IV moment’ with the unions, making radical changes to the Labour party’s constitution and decisively leading the party into a new era. Building on the creation of party vice-chairs, he sought to modernise our structures and get local parties consulting their communities. (more…)