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Whither Labour?

Can Labour win again asks Richard Angell and Maya Goodfellow

The Speakers’ Corner Trust hosts Progress director Richard Angell and LabourList columnist Maya Goodfellow debating the challenges facing Labour and the way forward.

Follow the debate now:

Campaigning and being heard in the new multiparty era

This Labour party conference fringe event was held by the Electoral Reform Society, in partnership with Compass, the Fabian Society and Progress, and discussed the rise of smaller parties and what it means for the way we do politics.

Campaigning in a multi party era audio

It was joined by: Richard Angell (director, Progress), Olivia Bailey (research director, Fabian Society), Katie Ghose (chief executive, Electoral Reform Society) and Neal Lawson (director, Compass), chair: Matthew Goodwin (professor of politics, University of Kent).

What will happen at the Labour party conference?

Iimaget’s now Labour’s turn in party conference season, and they will be in Brighton from Sunday 27 to Wednesday 30 September.

What’s particularly interesting about this year’s conference is it’s, of course, Jeremy Corbyn’s first as Leader of the party. Despite winning around 60 per cent of the vote in the leadership race, some key party figures haven’t yet united behind him – will it happen at conference?

To find out we spoke to Richard Angell the director of Progress, and PLMR’s Danny Wilding.

LBC Book Club – Richard Angell, Rowenna Davis & Owen Jones

Iain Dale hosts the LBC Book Club at Labour party conference 2011 with Richard Angell, Rowenna Davis and Owen Jones. The book club explores The Purple Book, Tangled up in Blue and Chavs, that each explore ideas for Labour to regain power.