Time to take the mantle as the party of the family

First published on Progressonline

One of my earliest political memories is of John Major standing on his soapbox in the 1997 general election talking about ‘family values’. It pricked my interest: I was 13 and not only had my parents been divorced for some time, I was also coming to terms with being gay. I am not sure I knew what he meant – after all I thought my family was special, unique maybe, but normal. But at the same time, I knew his label did not include me.

The Tories have long laboured under the label of the party of the family, but yet again they fail to back the family. David Cameron’s Conservatives are pro-couples not pro-family. The marriage tax allowance is not dependent on need, or children, or helping people prepare for times of need or a new baby. They are about status. (more…)