David Cairns

The tests to unleash the aspirational offer

aspiration codeFirst published in Anticipations, the Young Fabian journal | Volume 18, Issue 4 | Summer 2015

The election result was categorical from the voters and harsh to the Labour party. Hate the Tories, as we do, there is no denying that David Cameron and George Osborne received two million more votes than Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. The latter even lost his seat. Miliband resigned from the leadership.

While many try to complicate the problem and spread round the blame one truism confronts Labour: no party has ever won an election behind on leadership and behind on economic competence. Sort one and Labour is back in the running. Sort both and we are winning. But how?

The post-election debate within Labour focused on ‘aspiration’. Labour must appeal to those not likely to pay the mansion tax and unlikely to be on zero hour contracts. Middle incomes, middle classes, middle England, however you want to put it. Aspiration is the key.¬† (more…)

Remembering David Cairns

First published on ProgressOnline

Everyone at Progress is saddened and shocked at the untimely passing of our friend and colleague, David Cairns.

His hard work for the people of Inverclyde goes without saying, but his work to pursue a better and more progressive politics for the country as whole is what made him so special. His ability to articulate political feeling and ideas was always engaging and often extremely funny. (more…)