From time-to-time Richard Angell takes part in the production of a video

BBC News: LE2017 results coverage

On Friday 5 May 2017, Sam Tarry (campaign manager, Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader 2016) and Richard Angell (director, Progress) discuss the local election results.

Labour lost over 380 councillors, three county councils never lost by Labour in opposition and came third in Scotland for the second time.

After the referendum: Britain divided?

Battle of Ideas conference 2016
22 October 2016 | the Barbican

Many were shocked by the outcome of Britain’s EU referendum. Remain voters said they no longer recognised their country. Leave voters retorted that now metropolitan liberals knew how the rest of the country has been feeling for years. Is Britain split down the middle? Are there now North-South, old-young, metropolitan-rural, educated-uneducated divides that can’t be surmounted?

Filmed at the Battle of Ideas, the speakers are Richard Angell, director of Progress; Dr Munira Mirza, advisor on arts and philanthropy, Leave campaigner; Max Wind-Cowie, deputy director of ResPublica; David Lammy MP, Labour MP for Tottenham; Mick Hume, editor-at-large, spiked. The chair is Alan Miller, chairman, Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

Published on 10 Dec 2016

Is the mainstream media biased against Corbyn? (Daily Politics, 28 September 2016)

Looking at broadcasters and print coverage of Labour and Jeremy Corbyn with director of the centrist Labour group Progress, Richard Angell, and US-based Bhaskar Sunkara, who founded the Jacobin magazine, which offers “socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture”.

Daily Politics with Andrew Neil
1.30pm, 28 September 2016