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10 podcasts progressives should not miss

microphone-audio-computer-sound-recording-55800-768x510Richard Angell picks his favourite podcast episodes from 2017

First published on ProgressOnline

Following Labour party conference 2017 Progress launched its own podcast, Progressive Britain. It is the brainchild of Alison McGovern – our amazing chair – and hosted by my colleague Conor Pope. (more…)

Rescue: Refugees and the Political Crisis of Our Time

Screen-Shot-2017-12-18-at-17.25.03-768x374David Miliband presents a compelling explanation of the issue that dominates his work, writes Richard Angell

First published on ProgressOnline

In his new book, David Miliband guides the reader between three experiences that shape his views of refugees and displaced people – his parents, the ‘first refugees’ he ever met both fleeing the holocaust; his time in government, as author of the world’s first Climate Act with legally binding targets and as Britain’s foreign secretary; and in his current role as president of the International Rescue Committee.


The Last Word: Still with her

Hillary-2016-768x576Hillary pulls no bunches on Bernie, Trump and the US election and why it’s time to give public sector workers a pay rise – Progress director Richard Angell has the Last Word

First published on ProgressOnline

Hillary Clinton has hit every news channel with the launch of her new book, What Happened. It is frank, self-effacing and and raw. In every interview you can feel how emotional she still is, and how she believes she has let herself, progressives and other women down. (more…)

Holding back peace

Western_Wall_Jerusalem_Shavuot-768x576Boycotts are to the left what Trump’s unilateral support for Jerusalem as the capital is to the right, argues Richard Angell

First published on ProgressOnline

Peace in the Middle East – or the lack of it – has been thrown to the front of people’s minds as the United States’ president’s determination to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel dominates the headlines. The sad truth is this means the world’s major superpower has recoiled from its role as a broker for peace in the region. When politicians in both Israel and Palestine need little excuse to put political expediency before peace, Trump has gifted those who do not want a two state solution – of which Jerusalem as a shared city is integral – a gift. Good comrades have made this case with passion recently. Others are, understandably, angry. Many more just despair.


Crowdsourcing cities


Devolution and leadership could be the key to Britain’s digital future – Richard Angell visits Andy Burnham’s digital summit in Manchester

First published on ProgressOnline

Last week, Andy Burnham opened his second ‘digital summit’ since being elected Greater Manchester mayor in May with a bold vision to make Manchester the United Kingdom’s ‘leading digital city, and top five in Europe’. Burnham did so knowing that his counterparts in other city regions are hot on this heels.


Mass movement or personal fiefdom?

for-the-manyMomentum leaders may be taking its supporters for granted, argues Richard Angell

First published on ProgressOnline

Momentum is not just the new establishment of the Labour party – those in its leadership are really enjoying their new position as the people in charge. They can run the commanding heights of the Labour party from an app available on iTunes.


The Last Word: I will not be shamed out of Labour


First they tried to bore us out, then they tried to bully us out … now they try to shame us out. It will not work, writes Progress director Richard Angell

First published on ProgressOnline

Labour’s new establishment is learning from and emulating the old establishment fast. The hard-left believes its own rhetoric about New Labour’s media manipulation and conference floor organising and uses it as an alibi for both like never before. It is all very Animal Farm – ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ and truly become ‘four legs good, two legs better’.


The director’s diary

brighton-pier.pngProgress director Richard Angell’s diary on the road to conference

First published on ProgressOnline

Monday 18 September

So much for the new politics

The focus is well and truly on next week’s Labour party conference. The leadership seems intent to get caught up in a debate about process, not policy – so instead of facing outwards and giving the manifesto that inspired so many a starring role at conference, divisive rule changes look set to dominate the agenda in Brighton. (more…)

‘Reminding people that we’re not in government’

Boris-Johnson-Andrew-Gwynne-copy-768x545The shadow local government secretary Andrew Gwynne takes Richard Angell and Conor Pope behind the scenes of the surprise election

First published on ProgressOnline

‘I’m infamous now’, Andrew Gwynne declares. He was ‘walking along the Embankment’ to parliament recently when he noticed two people shiftily looking over their shoulder at him. ‘They turned around and said, “You’re that guy that took on Boris!”’ That was when he understood that his television antics had made him recognisable. (more…)