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Article by Richard Angell that apprear on Voice, the journal of NSW Centre Unity – an organised grouping in the Australian Labor party

Bouncing straight back

First published by Labor Voice

Labor has suffered a terrible but long-predicted loss. As Tony Abbott hits the ground running Labor must get to work on building a more progressive future and getting the Liberals out of the government – ideally in one term.

The battle is tough but well worth it. John McTernan has set out five ideas for Labor going forward. Here is my advice: (more…)

An intellectual reawakening

First published by Labor Voice

‘Hearts and Minds’ is published today by Chris Bowen, the new Treasurer of Australia

The first observation from Chris Bowen’s book out today is how fast politics moves. Written only weeks ago as a backbencher who had recently left Cabinet and expected his next role to be in opposition, our author is back on the frontline as Treasurer before the manuscript could be printed. In the text of the book, he suggests that Yes, Minister’s Sir Humphrey would call a number of his proposals ‘courageous’. This is undoubtedly true, and that was before it was possible to know he would be holding the government’s purse strings. While the normal ‘when resources allow’ caveats are included, there are bold and radical ideas in the text. As such, its content will be much poured over by his political opponents and the Murdoch-owned media in the days and weeks to come. (more…)