SkyNews Brexit debateRichard Angell is the director of Progress and political commentator appearing on BBC News, Sky News, LBC and talkRADIO regularly.

He is the founder of Labour’s three seats challenge (#Lab3seats) and has run marginal seat campaigns for the UK Labour party, and its sister party, Australian Labor. Currently living in Redbridge, he is active in local campaigns. He is elected to the TUC’s LGBT committee.

He is a former trade union official for Community and worked for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Combatting Antisemitism. He served on Labour’s National Policy Forum (2010-15), as secretary of LGBT Labour (2008-11) and as chair of Young Labour (2007-2009).

20131230-001017.jpgHe writes regularly for Progress, LabourListLabourUncut, the Huffington Post, the New Statesman, the Times Redbox and authored a chapter in the Young Fabian‘s pamphlet: Ambitions for Britain’s Future. He has interviewed leading political figures including Tony Blair, Ed Miliband, Jeremy Corbyn, Harriet Harman, David Miliband, Pat McFadden, Jim Murphy, Oona King and Andy Burnham.

Contact: richard[at]progressonline.org.uk | Twitter | Facebook | Linkedin

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