How can Labour reunite?

170x170bbGuardian UK politics podcast: Anushka Asthana is joined by Paul Mason, Zoe Williams and Richard Angell to discuss whether Labour’s warring factions can put aside their differences and reconnect with lost voters. Plus John McDonnell on tackling tax avoidance

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After a battering in Copeland and just about hanging on in Stoke, the Labour party is struggling to convince what was once its core vote amid bitter divisions among MPs and the party membership. As the party tries to face in all directions on Brexit, polls show the party is headed for disaster unless things change. So what can it do to reconnect?

We hear from Labour’s shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, who is calling on the government to get much more serious about tax avoidance. He argues that everyone’s tax return is publicly available as is the case in some Scandinavian countries.

Plus: joining Anushka Asthana this week are Guardian columnists Zoe Williams and Paul Mason and Richard Angell, the director of Progress, a Labour pressure group.

Also this week we hear from Labour’s shadow equalities minister Sarah Champion on how the budget – due to be revealed on International Women’s Day – could work much better for women and minorities.

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