This was an impressive display of our Youth Movement – now, GoFourth and win!

First published on LabourList

The Youth Movement of the Labour Party has shown itself to be dynamic, progressive and keen to GoFourth – and win the next election. Whether on the pages of LabourList or the workshops at Young Labour Conference, ideas have flowed, strategy has been forged and a vision debated.

The diversity of posts have shown the breath of Young Labour members – both politically and as individuals. Young members come from all different communities, 13 of the 29 posts have been from young women and Labour’s best ideas have come from those young and young at heart.

Contributors have lifted their heads above the parapets on important issues:

This multitude of issues has enthused so many but confused even more. They are not Blairite, not Brownite, not Bennite – just Labour! Our youth movement looks forward without the arbitrary labels of the past but an analysis of the world where wealth divides so many, and opportunity is available for so few. They want social democratic solutions to societal and structural problems and look to their socialist values, not old fashioned socialist text, to find guidance and moral judgement.

When Stephanie Peacock and I took over the Youth Movement some 25 months ago, its was an empty shell. Over these last two years it has pulled together, got up off its knees and is now more ready than ever to fight for Labour. The new leadership of Young Labour – Stephanie Peacock (re-elected NEC Youth Rep), Sam Tarry (Chair) and Olivia Bailey (Vice Chair Policy) – have more ideas that can only make our movement grow.

There are many contributions on these pages with ideas on how Labour can be bigger and bolder but my young comrades are united by one purpose – that a re-elected Labour government is the only vehicle for progressive change, better on its worse day the Cameron’s would be on its best and on our side and at your serve.

The Youth Movement today are the young people to win the next election and the one after that. We are the future now. GoFourth.


Richard Angell is the chair of Young Labour and guestedit of LabourList ahead of Youth conference


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